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    Global Reading Challenge!


    The month of November marks the beginning of the Global Reading Challenge for 4th and 5th graders at Emerson Elementary. We are so excited to get our students reading great books.

    The Global Reading Challenge, or GRC, is a “knowledge bowl” type of event that is sponsored by the Seattle Public Library. Each year, teams of readers from the public schools are given a list of 10 books that they are responsible for reading. Participating schools makes up teams of 7 students who take on the task of reading and remembering details from those books. Team members become an expert on 2 or 3 of the books. We will have an in-school competition during the month of February. The team that wins the school round goes on to a city wide tournament at the SPL Central branch. The program is supposed to be a fun, motivational reading challenge for all 4th and 5th grade students.

    Academic Achiever’s Academy:

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our after school program, Academic Achievers Academy, began Monday, October 12! This is a partnership between Emerson Elementary, City Year, Tiny Tots Development Center, and other partners to provide fun, safe, educational, engaging and enriching learning opportunities for our scholars. Students will work on math fluency and choose from a list of exciting enrichment clubs.

    For our Kindergartners through 2nd grade students, these club options include - Science Club, Theater Club, and Computer Club. Students in grades 3-5 will also have the opportunity to pick from either Ceramics Club, STEM Academy with Boeing engineers and Robotics, as well as audition for this year's Disney Musical production - The Lion King! Students may opt to participate in the Lion King Program and not in the rest of the week program as well. Applications are still being accepted in the school office. However, the program is currently full and your student will be put on a wait list until spots open up and you will be notified as this occurs.

    We at Emerson Elementary feel that participation in student-oriented activities is a vital part of a student’s education. Other student Activites at Emerson Elementary include the following:

    Emerson Student Council

    The Emerson Student Council plays an important role in our school. It promotes:

    • A platform to share students' ideas, interest, concerns with teachers and the principal.
    • Facilitating fundraising for meaningful projects.
    • Opportunities for students to learn and grow to be leaders and individual citizens in an increasingly global society.

    The 2016-2017 Officers are:

    • President-
    • Vice President-
    • Treasurer -
    • Secretary-
    • Asst. Secretary-
    • Staff Coordinator-
    • Staff Advisor:


    Carey Zeines is Emerson's new music director and is now building and training our new school choir for performances at school assemblies at Emerson and other schools upon request. Requirements: Students must be in Grades 4-5, be in good academic standing and have transportation home after practices. Please get an application from your teacher or Ms. Zeines to join. Practices are as follows: Monday and Friday - 5th grade 8:30 a.m. - 9 a.m., and Tuesday and Friday, 4th grade 8:30-9 am. Choir practice will run through April, 2016.

    The students in Ms. Zeines's class have been working hard learning how to use xylophones and beginning to learn how to read music. The Honor Choir has gotten a great start! Currently 25 students have signed up. We are hoping to grow our numbers. Fifth grade choir meets Monday and Friday from 8:30-9, Fourth grade choir meets Tuesday and Friday from 8:30-9. Please remember it is important for students to arrive on time to rehearsal so they do not miss any important work being done. This month students in K-2 will sing at an in school assembly for Veterans Day at 2:25 Nov. 10th. This December all students and the Honor Choir will perform on Dec 17th at 6:30 as part of Winter Extravaganza (please note this date has changed due to an early dismissal day).